Not everyone likes Twitter, so I will try to keep you up to date on this blog as well.
If you’re a follower on Twitter, you won’t find anything new here.

  • I’ve merged my personal and the Easy Peasy twitter accounts
  • The repositories, forums, wiki and this blog has been down for a week because we were shut down by our host Dreamhost. They suddenly came to the conclusion that our wiki was using too much CPU (?) so they closed it all down without warning. We’re sorry for the problems this must have had for you as an user, and can comfort you with that we will move away from Dreamhost and create mirrors.
  • We’ve gotten several servers for free around the world. Thanks to all server contributors!
  • Funny Opera Face Gestures with @aleksaas
  • We’re looking into how to trick Japanese people into using Easy Peasy. If you’re Japanese and want to help out (with culture and language), please leave a comment!
    Easy Peasy japanese
  • Easy Peasy 1.1 Release Candidate 2 has been out for a week without complains, which means Easy Peasy 1.1 Gold will be released shortly.

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