What is Jolicloud

Jolicloud is a social installation client which seamlessly installs different types of applications (Adobe Air, Debian packages, web applications). You’re able to see what friends install and recommend applications to others. It’s a nice client which tries to add a sense of web 2.0 to application maintenance.

What is easypeasy

easypeasy is an operating system for netbooks. It’s optimized for speed while including everything you need out of the box. easypeasy 1.5 was just released and included features like very fast filesystem (ext4), which brings faster boot, and 3D in 3D rendering (UXA).

Install Jolicloud in easypeasy

While it’s possible to get Jolicloud as a standalone linux distribution, it’s not recommended as their release is old and don’t bring features like ext4 and UXA (see above). If you want the social installation client, the solution is to install Jolicloud into easypeasy.

Jolicloud in easypeasy

  1. Download and install this file
  2. Log out and back in
  3. You’ll find Jolicloud under Internet


Yeah, I’m not able to install it the file above

Ugg, you’re netbook isn’t updated on what hip and trendy. Go to Administration > Update Manager and click Check. Now try installing the file again

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  1. peter watts September 16, 2009 at 4:44 am #

    My sources list says AI need to load the Jolicloud Key. Could you explain how please


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