You’ve given me lots of feedback through this post and on the Facebook fan page. Thank you! Ubuntu Eee doesn’t have too much money so I’ve only bought 10 SD cards so far. 4GB Class 6, like you asked for. They’re on their way as you read this. Taking shipping into consideration, we should probably ask for more than 50$ per card. Still, we feel that your comments about not going above 50$, to make them affordable for developing countries, sounds reasonable. Thanks again for your feedback!

You will get

  • Ubuntu Eee 8.04.1 (harder, better, faster, stronger than Ubuntu Eee 8.04)
  • Ubuntu Eee Plug-and-Play Class 6 SD card
  • to support an open source project which does everything it can to give back to it’s users

How do I get it

You get one of these smashing cards for free when you donate 50$ or more to the Ubuntu Eee project.

It is not in our nature to screw people over, so if you’ve already donated, you can get away with just supplying to your first donation.


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51 Responses to “"Pre-order" Ubuntu Eee SD cards”

  1. Turk182 October 30, 2008 at 7:34 am #

    Hi I still haven’t received my ubuntu card. Its been awhile since I viewed your website. Did you send them out yet. I’m the one in NJ. I was one of the first to donate. Please Let me Know whats going on. Thank You

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