We had a survey running for about a week on the front page of I received 141 answers – thanks for you time!

Most 46% thought a medium number of changes was done to Ubuntu to turn it into Ubuntu Eee. Not many changes were applied in this first release (but the 8.04.1 release is awesome) and it’s sad if we go around fooling people. 27% thougth we had made many changes. It’s sad that we haven’t been good enough at telling you what’s actually new.

61% are very satisfied with Ubuntu Eee 8.04.1 – which is amazing. And only 9% thinks it sucks.

We also got a lot of comments. I’ve read all of these and taken notes. Some people said some nice things. Thanks :)


The Sourceforge statistics just got back online. Ubuntu Eee has been downloaded 39 056 times from Sourceforge!

It has been download 10 061 times with BitTorrent.

One download is in average installed on 1.36 machines which means
Ubuntu Eee is used by 52 739 people around the globe!

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