Easy Peasy 1.1 RC2 due any day now

The first Easy Peasy 1.1 Release Candidate, we got out last Friday, didn’t work as expected. It was due to a packaging problem. One of the main contributors to the project, Ferry Hendrikx, has taken it upon himself to fix it. That means we’ll have a v1.1 RC2 out any day now.

Here’s a screenshot of the new webpage, to keep you from bouncing off the walls :p

Screenshot of new geteasypeasy.com


Update on Easy Peasy 1.1

Oh man, am I tired – I’ve quit school to be able to work full time with Easy Peasy!
We working on some great new stuff.

  • New webpage (really much needed (!) ): Lasse has made a great design and a unified look for, forums, wiki, backgrounds, presentations etc.
  • Easy Peasy 1.1: Only a screenshot :) We’re trying to get a release candidate ready for the weekend!

Epc1.1rc screenshot

  • Easy Peasy 2.0: We’re also working towards Easy Peasy 2.0, where we’re implementing some really exciting features

How does the screenshot look? Like the background, like that the logo has been moved to the top left corner, like the icon theme?