Ubuntu Eee's new name!

Ubuntu Eee was started last December. It was just a script which fixed some of the issues that came with Ubuntu when installing it on an EeePC. In June was Ubuntu Eee released as a whole operating system. There was a new release already in September which really showed the potential of Ubuntu Eee. Softpedia ranked Ubuntu Eee 8.04.1 “The perfect operating system for your Asus Eee PC!”.

The script back in 2007 was downloaded about 3 000 times, the first release of Ubuntu Eee was downloaded about 60 000 times and Ubuntu Eee 8.04.1 has been downloaded over 225 000 times!

With this is Ubuntu Eee ready for it’s next leap. We want to bring the ease of Ubuntu Eee to all netbooks.
Because that’s what it’s been about: it’s easy. It’s the operating system you install and start using, real plug and play. The new release will be rebranded and released on January 1st. We wanted Easy in the new name. We’ve gone over it for several months, though the answer was right in front of us: It’s an Easy (operating system for a) PC – Ubuntu Eee will be rebranded as Easy Peasy.

Some loves the new name while some think it sounds childish. That’s why we have to make a really good looking and professional logo and webpage.


UPDATE: Re-branding Ubuntu Eee

A couple of days ago I released a post where I announced that Ubuntu Eee will be re-branded as ION. While we were all very happy about this, some were not and said we couldn’t use the name because they have an unregistered trademark.

So sadly the naming discussion continues…


Update: Re-branding Ubuntu Eee

Wow, thanks for the amazing response! 40 comments per day and several logo concepts. Truly amazing

Here’s the names I like – which do you like? Why?

LinAir by Kaien – Linux + Air
Fjord by Mimir – Norwegian (wikipedia)
Rune by Mimir – Norwegian tradition (wikipedia)
Flock by Daniel – We’re all working in a flock / community
by Daniel – Just a nice word
Maroon by Marie – Color. Just a nice word
Ion by Clint – For small machines / netbooks
Aurora by Clint – Just a nice word. Kind of taken (wikipedia)
Swift by capawi – It’s swift
kiwi by capawi – Fruit or Bird. Just a nice word
Ramvi OS by Mattias – Me :)
Owl by dresler – Bird. Just a nice word
Iris by dresler – Eye or flower. Just a nice word
Colibri by McGivrer – Bird. Just a nice word
Troll by Thomas – Norwegian myth (wikipedia)
Urban by mikó РBecause netbooks are urban? ;)


Re-branding Ubuntu Eee – please help

Update: Re-branding Ubuntu Eee

I’ve been contacted by Canonical, owner of Ubuntu, because of Ubuntu Eee’s obious resemblance to the Ubuntu name and logo. Read the e-mail here.

I have kind of been waiting for this. What they’re saying is that we need to re-brand Ubuntu Eee: new logo, new name and new domain. They’re really kind in the email and allow us to use their marketing team for our new logo. They’re not that stricked with the new name and domain neither. We can even call it Ubuntu for Eee if we want.

But as we’re increasing our scope and are working on being the obvious choice for any netbook owner, we will ned a new name and logo anyway. This is where you, dear reader, come into the picture. We need a great name for our great distro. Please comment with your ideas! I’m not going to say that no ideas are stupid, ’cause some are, but that’s not a problem! :) Please share any idea!

Personally I don’t like names which mean something. Like Ubuntu Eee, which only says: It’s Ubuntu for the Asus Eee. And not like Netbook OS. Or Ububook. I like Mint linux’s name. Doesn’t say a thing about the the OS.