2008-06-17 – Donations put to work

Move your eyes towards the top of the screen. Higher. There – at the address field with the little e logo – see that it says ubuntu-eee.com instead of ubuntu-eee.tuxfam…..? We’re now hosted by DreamHost because of all the donations we’ve received. Thank you! We now have better uptime and load time :)

2008-06-09 – Ubuntu Eee goes gold!

How Ubuntu Eee 8.04 looks with Netbook Remix

Third time’s the charm! In December Ubuntu Eee started as a one man project, but the last months several people have joined in on the development. We’re trying to achieve something which haven’t been successful for any other Linux distribution yet: a OS targeting a single computer which includes the best applications available. This means people can buy this really cheap computer and easily get a great OS on it for free. Since Ubuntu is working towards being runnable on every computer in the world it’s big and sometimes slow and the creators are afraid of taking risks with new technology. We do these three points better as Ubuntu Eee is just for the Asus Eee. Ubuntu Eee is smaller, faster and we’re bringing people the cutting edge of technology (while being stable and free of course).

I would like to thank (and you should too) the teams brought you Ubuntu Eee 8.04 and I would like to thank the leaders of the teams: Waffel, leader of the Editors, Jeff Shaw / vader, leader of the Coders, and Martin Lettner / Lukeen, leader of the Artists.

Ubuntu Eee 8.10 will be even more customized for the small screen and maybe take in use the great Netbook Remix interface.


Changelog and known bugs

2008-06-02 – Release Candidate

As soon as this has been tried out for a few days Ubuntu Eee 8.04 is released.

Try it today – Didn’t work at all

2008-05-14 – Sorry! Ubuntu Eee 8.04 isn’t ready yet

Sorry about the miscalculation of the Ubuntu Eee 8.04 release date. Work has really accelerated behind the scenes – just take a look on the great new design of the front page. If you want to peek in behind the curtains, take a surf around ubuntu-eee on launchpad.

The reason Ubuntu Eee 8.04 isn’t released is because we’re having trouble with getting wifi working.

The problem is making the madwifi driver
into a kernel module package.
If we don't do this, and just install the driver,
it will stop working when Ubuntu pushes a kernel update
(which is what happened to the beta).
If anyone is able to compile it,
please contact me!

The blueprint

Again, sorry…

2008-05-01 – Ubuntu Eee 8.04 ready within a week

It’s the international Workers’ Day and Ubuntu Eee 8.04 is beginning to take form. It will probably be released within the next week. We have some new contributors that have really accelerated the work.

  • Vader’s work on the applet for the Eee is going steady.
  • We finally have some artists and some logo submissions. FlameForge has begun development for a nice logo and is offering his time to make a theme for our web page.

I would like to thank x2on, Vader, FlameForge and everyone else who is making Ubuntu Eee 8.04 possible. If you’d like to contribute, please do! ;)

2008-04-04 – Ubuntu Eee 8.04 beta ready for download


I’m happy to inform you that the Ubuntu Eee 8.04 beta is finally ready for download! I don’t know how to share it, so I’ve uploaded it to Filefront. If you’ve got a better hosting idea, please share it with us on the discussion page (I can not host it with my connection). Highlights: Avant-window-navigator, Picasa, Skype and Wine and every piece of hardware working out of the box

Download now

Please read the changelog and known bugs

Update: After installing, if you upgrade, a new kernel will be used and you wifi will stop working. Solution 1: Don’t upgrade. Solution 2: Recompile madwifi drivers

In other news

After the organizational structure of Ubuntu Eee was changed into four groups last week, things have started to take form. About 10 people have applied to join the Ubuntu Eee team in one of the groups (Artists, Coders, Editors, Maintainers). We’re happy to welcome Neil Broadley as leader of the Editors group. Vader is going to make a gnome applet for Eee specific stuff (eg tells you what clock speed you’re running at, and lets you change it etc).

We still need members in our groups, so please don’t hesitates to apply for the group you think you can help out in. Especially Artists are important now as we don’t even have a logo.

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  1. jack manchester June 30, 2008 at 3:26 am #

    thank you.

  2. Cris September 28, 2008 at 12:29 am #

    Thanks for all the hard work putting Ubuntu eee together. Installed on 901 on 26th Sept. Couple of points. F2 key turns off wireless and also the camera at the bios level. Would be worth explaining this in the wiki so people know how to turn it back on. Had huge problems getting a working screen back after making the mistake of closing my screen lid on the train. Wen’t into suspend and despite doing numerous restarts, removing battery etc I could not get the screen to output. Eventually found a manual workaround which would be worth posting on wiki, you need to wait a few minutes from reboot and then press F1 to send machine to suspend. Then press the power button to wake. It then brings screen back to life. Finally, hated xandros but did like how easy it was to do bluetooth networking with my 3g phone just using the Azure BT manager. Any chance it will be this easy on ubuntu? Thanks

  3. Jon Ramvi September 28, 2008 at 3:38 am #

    Cris, thanks for your feedback. This project is completely community driven meaning if that if you would have time time to change the wiki, please do. There’s no comapny behind this who fixes this – only regular people :)

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