Social network aggregation clients have become increasingly popular among netbooks users, and there is a variety of clients to choose among. Using Facebook and Twitter, we have asked the EasyPeasy community for what Twitter clients they prefer. The results, showed in the diagram, is merely an overview of what Twitter clients use and is not limited to EasPeasy.

EasyPeasy Twitter clients usage

According to EasyPeasy users Tweetdeck (23,3 %) was the most popular, followed by open source Gwibber (16,7 %). Some three percentages reported Gnome Do as their favorite client. This is interesting as Gnome Do primarily is an application launcher with a built in Twitter feature.  As you can see from the diagram, the “Others” group makes a pretty big share. These are the Twitter clients that counted less than two votes. In total users reported 23 different clients.

What are your preferences using social network aggregation features with EasyPeasy and netbook operating systems?

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